It’s Your Job to Keep Me Safe

You can reduce the odds of a drowning tragedy happening to someone you know or love.

Orange County Water Safety Challenge
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Drowning is a Preventable Tragedy

  • Drowning is the number one cause of accidental death for 1-4 year olds
  • More children in this age group die by drowning than by traffic accidents
  • In 2022 there were 113 total incidents in Orange County:
    • 47 of those were fatal
    • 35 of the 113 were children were under age of 5. 6 of these incidents were fatal.

*Source: Orange County Fire Authority 7.5.23.

jasper on a path
jasper in the garden
jasper with mom
jasper with a book in his car seat
jasper playing with a plastic tub
jasper playing at the park
jasper and his mom
jasper and climbing mesh
family picture
jasper on the back of a chair
jasper at the beach
Jasper with a plastic wheelbarrow
Jasper on a path
Jasper in the Garden
Jasper with Mom
Jasper with a book in his car seat
Jasper playing with a plastic tub
Jasper playing at the park
Jasper and his mom
Jasper and climbing mesh
Family Picture
Jasper on the back of a chair
Jasper at the beach
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To share the story of Jasper St. Clair to educate others in the community about their role in identifying and reducing risks of drowning.


To change the way people think about drowning prevention: Drowning is preventable. It’s our responsibility as parents, caregivers and pool owners to keep children safe.

How You Can Help

  • Install fences and safety features on your pools and encourage others to do so.
  • Enroll your kids in early swim lessons.
  • Tell Jasper’s story to motivate people to take the steps above. Make it your personal mission to help protect other children.

Take Action

  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share our posts.
  • Learn CPR, establish water safety rules and follow them
  • Volunteer your time and talent as part of our team. This is an all-volunteer organization, and you can make a difference.

Upcoming Events

early learning roundup ousd flyer 1
early learning roundup ousd flyer 2

Early Learning Round Up

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Fred Kelly Stadium
2920 E. Spring St
Orange, CA 92869

Orange County Drowning Statistics 2021

36 Incidents involving children under age 52021
Incident County2021
Total Incidents102
Fatal Incidents45
Non-Fatal Incidents57
Water Source Breakdown2021
Backyard Pool / Spa28
Community Pool / Spa36
Ocean / Bay20
Lake / Lagoon / Pond2
River / Channel / Canal2
Bucket / Fountain / Puddle0
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Orange County Drowning Prevention Coalition Spring Meeting

Tuesday, March 12, 2024 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (PDT)

El Salvador Community Center
1825 W. Civic Center Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92703

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Public Service Videos

Drowning Prevention PSA English 15 seconds
Drowning Prevention PSA English 30 seconds
Drowning Prevention PSA English 15 seconds
Drowning Prevention PSA English 30 seconds