Events & Projects

Your Donations at Work

  • Jasper’s Story – Our over-arching goal is to introduce Jasper to everyone in our Southern California community. Utilize his story and our personal testimony to touch people emotionally and become a catalyst for change.
  • Pool Owner Awareness Project – Partnership with Pool and Spa service providers to bring pool owners educational and safety information to prevent drownings.
  • Caregiver Curriculum – Water safety education geared at caregivers of children. Goal is to create an interactive web-based program that will teach caregivers how quickly and silently children drown. Curriculum will include information on how to keep the children they care for safe by identifying the risks of drowning. Program will seek to have an emotional impact by including videos and testimony of lost children and their parents.
  • Social Media Project – Our volunteer committee works to engage daily with the community on drowning prevention. Our posts provide resources and education to help keep drowning prevention in the forefront of people’s minds year round. Our posts reach thousands of people and the numbers are growing.
  • OC Task Force – Jasper Ray Foundation sits as the 2016-2017 vice chair for the Orange County Task Force on Drowning Prevention:

Future Plans:

  • Create and fund grant programs for pool gates and apartment and community pool swim lessons
  • Design and produce products that help pool owners become aware when gates are left open
  • Partner with hospitals to provide information and education about pool safety
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