Drowning is Preventable.


Reducing the Risk

You can reduce the odds of a drowning tragedy happening to someone you know or love. Wherever there is water, there is a risk of drowning. Reducing this risk is the key to preventing a water related incident.

Drowning Prevention Requires Action.  Follow the Safer 3

1.  Safer Water

  • Fences. Install proper barriers around all 4 sides of pools and spas.  Block access to water.
  • Alarms. In the event a barrier is breached, an alarm offers a second layer of protection.
  • For more information about Fences and Alarms please CLICK HERE

2.  Safer People

  • Constant, responsible adult supervision. Train and designate a Water Watcher.  To download your own Water Watcher tag, CLICK HERE
  • Start swim lessons as early as 6 months old.  For a list of local swim schools, CLICK HERE
  • Safety rules in place and followed. To download your Safety Rules Poster, CLICK HERE
  • For more information about Safety please CLICK HERE

3.  Safer Response

  • CPR – all caregivers should learn CPR as a prerequisite to babysitting.  To download a Hands-Only CPR Poster, CLICK HERE
  • Plan for an incident and practice
  • Keep a phone near water at all times for emergencies only
  • For more information about Safety Response please CLICK HERE


*Follow the Safer 3 is used with the permission of the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation

Jasper Ray Foundation is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to raising awareness and prevention to drowning and child safety. Contributions are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code.